Wet Wood Conservation


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Thursday, 12th May 2016
9:00 Registration open
Pre Conference Coffee Chat
Poster Session (on view Thursday and Friday)
Kati Bott, Esslingen (D)
Good dog! Getting a puppy sceleton into the exhibition
Alexander Dittus, Erwin Hildbrand, and Elsa Sangouard, Affoltern (CH)
Impact of UV-C on high molecular weight polyethylene glycol
Jörg Hägele-Masnick, Weimar (D)
Two (sword) handles - two methods of preservation
Friederike Moll-Dau and Johanna Klügl (CH)
Analyzing Approaches of the Residual Oxygen Content in “Oxygen Free” Long-Term Packing
10:00 Petra von Olschowski, State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart
Gerhard Eggert, Chair, Objects’ Conservation
Welcome address
Session I: Archaeology in Baden-Württemberg
Chair: Nicole Ebinger-Rist, Esslingen (D)
10:10 Dirk Krausse, Esslingen (D)
Archaeological Heritage Sites in Baden-Württemberg
10:40 Helmut Schlichtherle, Gaienhofen (D)
Archaeological pile-dwelling sites in Baden-Württemberg
11:30 Sebastian Million and Jörg Stelzner, Gaienhofen (D)
X-ray CT for the Anatomical and Dendrochronological Analysis of Archaeological Wood
12:00 Lunch Break
Walking Tour Options:   1 Visit of the Chapel
2 Visit of the Library
Session II New materials and methods for conservation
Chair: Gerhard Eggert, Stuttgart (D)
13:40 Zarah Walsh-Korb, Strasbourg (F)
New consolidants for the preservation of waterlogged archaeological wooden objects - current research and future possibilities
14:20 Poul Jensen, Copenhagen (Dk)
Optimizing the Freeze-Drying Process of Waterlogged Wood
15:00 Ingrid Stelzner, Esslingen (D)
Freeze-drying archaeological wood - A protocol for testing conservation materials
15:30 Coffee Break
Session III: Problems in conservation
Chair: Ingrid Stelzner, Esslingen (D)
16:00 Vicki Richards, Fremantle (AU)
Preservation of the Batavia Shipwreck: Past, Present and Future
16:40 Charlotte Kuhn-Wawrzinek and Gerhard Eggert, Stuttgart (D)
Bad luck with Brimstone - The formation of Cu-S-Efflorescences
17:10 Karin Petersen, Hildesheim (D)
Microbial problems in wet wood conservation
18:15 Beer reception of the Stuttgart Institute of Conservation Sciences in the Bad Schussenrieder Brewery Cellar
19:00 Colloquium Dinner in the Bad Schussenrieder Brewery Cellar
Friday, May 13th
Session IV: Long term behavior
Chair: Vicki Richards, Fremantle (AU)
9:30 Khôi Tran, Grenoble (F)
Long term behavior of some composite archaeological artefacts conserved by the radiation-curing polyester resin
10:10 Friederike Leibe, Riggisberg (CH)
Investigation and conservation of an oil immersed and severely damaged Neolithic rope with a braided section from Wauwilermoos (LU)
10:40 Coffee Break
11:10 Markus Wittköpper, Mainz (D)
Let's have a sandwich! Salvage and conservation of a Swiss Neolithic door
11:40 Emily Williams, Williamsburg (USA)
Reflections on Reversibility and Reality Round Table Discussion
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Visit of current archaeological wetland excavations
Saturday, May 14th
10:00 Visit of the major exhibition ‘4.000 Years Pile Dwellings’ under the auspices of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Abbey of Bad Schussenried (Neolithic Age) and the Federseemuseum Bad Buchau (Bronze Age), Bus Shuttle
ca 14:00 End of the Colloquium
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